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Good Karma is an all volunteer small rescue. We all have fulltime jobs. Please be patient--Thank you!




Please Note FAQ:

Can I meet the dog before adoption? 

Yes, we require that. We're not sure how else we'd know if it was a match.

Why haven't you returned our call?

Due to the large volume of calls we receive on each dog priority is given to those with a current application on file with us. Don't have an application filled out yet? No problem visit the link to yourleft labeled "Adoption Application" and email it back to us.

  Do you have visiting hours?

We do not have visiting hours for the general public as we are an all foster home organization with foster homes located in Southern, Central and Northern VT. We like to know who is coming to our volunteers home, so an application is a must.Email if exact location of a dog is important to know when applying as not all dogs are housed in Montpelier. Dogs are listed on our website that might not be currently in VT, but will be eventually.

Can I apply for and meet all the dogs at once?

The dogs are fostered ALL over VT so visiting mutiple dogs on the same day isn't a realistic option most of the time. We do not have a kennel like a shelter.

Why is there an adoption fee? Am I purchasing the dog?

The adoption fee is 100% to cover and reimburse vetting fees. Many of our dogs are slated for euthanasia in the shelters they are in due to overcrowding and illness. A dog we intake could have vet bills that run upwards of $500. Our fee only covers vaccinations, a vet exam, altering and parasite treatment.

Is the adoption fee negotiable? 

Only if the vet fee was.

How do you know the dogs are the breed you've listed?

We don't and don't claim to.These dogs are rescue dogs and many of them have been intaken as strays. Their breed mixes and birth dates are unknown but with the help of our vet we place a breed and an age on them as it's required by all of our listing sites.

If the dog is listed is it available for adoption still?

Our website is as UTD as we possibly can have it. Lives do get in the way of volunteer work!

What does PENDING mean?

 Pending means the dog has an application somewhere in the approval process and the dog is still up for adoption. You may still submit an application. Phone calls on PENDING dogs will not be returned unless you have a current application on file with us.

Can you hold the dog for us until we're back from vacation, move into our new home, build a fence etc?

 Good Karma Rescue is not able to hold dogs for any amount of time. We are not a boarding facility. Please be ready to adopt when you apply.   

Do you require a home visit? Why do you do a home visit?

Unlike many other shelters and rescues we do require a home visit. We will schedule a volunteer to meet with you in your home to complete the approval process. This visit is KEY to making an ideal match!

Why did I get an introduction letter when I emailed questions? 

  Due to the large amount of inquiries we receive daily; we ask that when inquiring about an animal please send a follow up email after you fill in the google form. Google forms buries applications like no other program! Phone calls will also be asked to fill out an application before more information can be given out--we hope to be able to make a match and need to know about you!

What if I'm approved but can't pick up the dog the day we already agreed on?

A charge of 25 per night will be added to your adoption fee.

How important is breed of a dog when deciding to adopt:



Our Adoption Process :


An application must be filled out and approved, and a home visit conducted before an appointment can be made to meet the animals. We use our application and interview process to ensure that each animal adopted will be matched with the most compatible new home. This ALL happens before a meeting can be set up.

All members of your household (two legged and dogs) should also plan to meet the dog prior to adoption. All family members should plan to meet all other animals ie;cats.This helps to ensure we are making a good match for you and for the animal.

The application includes a vet check;  Verification that your current pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and seen regularly by your current vet, personal reference check, and verification that an animal may live at current home by home ownership verfication or landlord verification via your lease, or contacting the property owner.

You must be 21 years of age to adopt.


Applications can be downloaded from this site completed, and emailed to:


Adoption fees:

All Dogs/Puppies: $400.00


Services included:

All dogs/animals are vet checked


Age appropriate vaccines


Heartworm tested and are current on preventative

Current on de-flea product


Good Karma ID Tag

$15 dollars off a Basic Training class with Deb at Gold Star Dog Training. Locations vary ( Stowe, St. Albans, Essex)

For more detailed info: http://www.goldstardog.com


Senior dog Adoption fee: $175

We are aware of the extra care some senior dogs may need in their golden years.




Cat, reptile, or other small animal adoption fee is individually listed on each personal webpage.

Hours of operation:

Phone calls will be returned within 48 hrs if you have a current application on file with us as Good Karma is an all volunteer organization. If you do not hear back from us fill out an appplication.

*We do not have visiting hours for the general public as we do not have a facility.


Once approved adoptions can be scheduled:

Varied Hours  Monday-Friday

9-10 am  Sunday


Email: goodkarmarescue@gmail.com



Courtesy of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary www.bestfriends.org

Good Karma is a volunteer only program that is based out of private homes. We ask that you please fill out an application first on an animal you are interested in meeting, and then contact us. Due to the large amount of inquiries we receive daily; emails and calls can only be returned to those with completed applications on file. A completed application allows us to answer your questions more thoroughly. Thank you!